In 1994, Giorgio founded the Ensemble Festa Rustica, with this ensemble recorded extensively over 16 CDs for Agorà, Amadeus, Musicaimmagine, ASV Gaudeamus, and Map Edition.The first recording of the Ensemble (Francesco Mancini’s Concertos for Recorder and Strings – world premiere recording, Musicaimmagine) has been acclaimed by the international critique as “one of the world’s best classical music recordings produced in 1995” (see Fanfare Magazine “The Want List 1995”). Festa Rustica performed concerts for many Italian Festivals (MITO “Settembre Musica”, Oratorio del Gonfalone, Cusius Early Music Festival, Anima Mea, Leonardo Leo, Antiqua and others) as well as for many Foreign  festivals in France, Japan, Turkey, Spain, Macedonia, Albania, Germany … Currently Giorgio Matteoli and his Ensemble records for the DA VINCI CLASSIC recording house Label.